Fire Agate Necklace


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Necklace with fire agate, double use. Protective stone.


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The use of a fire agate makes this necklace truly one of a kind. Bringing joy and contentment to its wearers, this stone is a powerful emotional healer. It has a protective effect, especially against bad intentions, and is a lucky charm in love. It creates a protective bubble around the body that works like a charm against the negative vibrations that other people may try to send you. Relieves discomfort in the solar plexus, spleen and throat. You can show it off by wearing necklaces and rings. It is possible to wear this necklace in the front or back. It has double use, the front part can go on the back of the neck by simply moving the knot up so that the other stones can fall in the front very seductive on your chest.



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