Bracelet Green Aventurine

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Beautiful green aventurine bracelet with the pendant of the hand of fatima.
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Green Aventurine is generally used to improve the emotional and physical well-being of the person, it also allows for channeling and attracting positive energies. It is a common practice that some people use this mineral as an amulet, it is recommended even for those who are unemployed since it makes it easier to find job opportunities.
A person’s heart can recover more quickly from previous injuries and negative experiences because aventurine has the ability to get rid of the negativity that remains inside. In addition, it leaves room for the new, helps to free yourself from attachments and, most importantly, makes it possible for the body and emotions to come into harmony. This beautiful bracelet is accompanied by a pendant symbol of the hand of Fatima, which is mainly protective of women and is very special for those who are pregnant. When the hand pendant is looking down, it represents protection against evil and if it looks up, it generates protection from superior energy.


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