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Dolce Sole Helps You Create Special Moments

We provide products that have meaning and demand a specific outcome. Precious stones are used on our panties, bras and accessories. Each stone has a specific desired outcome or result that it promotes. Our packages combine the colors, stone and design into every aspect of each item making it extremely unique. Our mission is to help you create that special moment you seek.

Colombian Emeralds

When you buy anything with an emerald you can rest assure that every emerald sold here is a confirmed Colombian emerald. Colombian emeralds are the most sought after emeralds in the world for their unique colors and clarity. We also sell separately emerald jewelry.

elegant package deals

Package deals are available which include a bra, panties, 1 bracelet, earrings, and a necklace. Each of these items will follow the same theme and look like the rest.

Theme Based Product Packages

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