Amethyst Bracelet and Tree of Life Pendant

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Beautiful amethyst stone bracelet accompanied by a pendant of the tree of life. Perfect combination of spiritual clarity and stability.


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It is a semi-precious stone, a gift of nature. It has been worn by royalty and used in crown jewels throughout history due to the color’s association with royalty and its status as a “gem of the gods”, one of the most popular in the world. It is striking and mysterious due to the beauty of its tonality. It has the exceptional quality of calming and bringing serenity to the soul. This beautiful crystal helps with clear thinking and emotional stability. This bracelet harmonizes the third eye and crown chakras. It includes a tree of life pendant, which is an ancient symbol that hides a beautiful message about our existence because it represents our own being, helps our personal development, makes an excellent connection with the vibrations of the environment and therefore with the family and generations, gives strength by putting your feet on the ground, and helps to grow with greater stability and sagacity.



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